Unlimted templates for bricks builder.


Import templates for bricks builder.

30+ fully optimized sections and 100's of elements.

With an ever growing library of templates, 3-5 brand new components releasing weekly you no longer need to spend hours building out site pages and funnels. We've got you covered with everything from hero section, features, benefits, CTA's and so much more.
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Bricks templates made for speed.

Built for speed.

Our native bricks builder templates are built with speed and scale in mind. No external scripts, no additional plugins, no extra load time. Everything has been optimised to for both development and design.
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Tailwind templates for bricks builder.

Nintu grows with you.

When you're ready to take your web development skills to the next level, we'll be here with you for the journey. Every template and component comes in both a bricks native and Winden/Tailwind variants. So when you feel ready to take advantage of the powerful hybrid of a website + a web app you'll be able to continue using the same systems.
A full website built with Nintu and Tailwind cuts your CSS file down to just 30kb before caching/compression. Pages then load in milliseconds.
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Copy & paste templates for bricks builder.

How it works

Signup to bricks templates.

Create your account to access everything needed to begin your bricks building journey.

Setup your brand colors.

Create your full color palette with Winden to sync with Nintu templetes.

Find a component you like.

Browse through our library of 100s of components built for bricks builder.

Paste onto your website.

Copy and paste your new component onto your website, it will automatically apply the required brand colors.

Hundreds of bricksbuilder components and templates

Everything for professional site building.

Growing component library

Our library is growing by 3-5 new components a week and this is just the begining. With complete UI kits and full websites you'll have everything you need to speed up your development process.

Copy & paste

No more wasting time download, uploading, redownloading templates. Just click on the "copy button" and paste into your bricks builder intance.

Designed by professionals

All are templates are designed from the ground up by professional designers in line with the "Refactoring UI" design guidelines. A 250 page design bible that has clear rules for every UI variable.

Tailwind ready

Flawless integration with the "Winden" plugin which provides the complete tailwind integration and engine on wordpress websites. No more loading unnecessary CSS!

Unlimited downloads

Re-use these templates over and over again on as many websites as your heart could desire.

More than templates

We're here for more than just templates. We can help you with everything from high speed server setups through to full page builds with complete data attribution so you know exactly which customers are coming from where.

Some might say the #1 template provider.

Speed up your bricks building process.

Still have questions? We've got answers.

How do I import templates for bricks builder?

Importing templates from Nintu onto your own bricks site is as simple as logging in, finding a template you like and clicking on the copy button. Then pasting (from clipboard) on your own bricks instance. For sites built with Tailwind/Winden, you'll need to first define your brand colors and endable dark mode. We've written an article on how to do so here.

What can the bricks templates be used for?

Literally anything :) Well, more or less. Without getting into legal jargon, you are allowed to use these templates on any website you want to. You can't use these templates to build your own "Template library" or resell them but other than that you're good to go.

Do the templates work on other Wordpress page builders?

No. Maybe gutenberg some day.

What is bricks builder?

Bricks builder is the singular best wordpress page builder. For many reasons, go google it. 

What is Tailwind CSS?

TailwindCSS is our favorite CSS framework (and loved by many developers around the world). Without doing my homework, I would assume it is this most used css framework globally for modern projects and builds. It's what nintu.io is running on and allows for some fancy functionality like dark mode. I would invite you to checkout the TailwindCSS website and do some research of your own. 

How to use Tailwind CSS on Wordpress?

There are a couple of ways to use tailwind with WordPress but our recommended solution is Winden. A plugin developed by D-Plugins which gives you all the functionality of Tailwind without the headache of setting up a Vue server. It's pretty much plug and play.You can find out more about Winden and Tailwind for wordpress here.

Speed up your bricks building process.

Bricks templates built for web and marketing professionals.